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Five Mothers Salutations

I salute you Earth Mother
Who dwells in the North.
Whose emerald green energy
Empowers manifestation and rebirth.

I salute you World Mother
Whose Spirit rises in the East.
Your Golden Amber energy
Offers the Vision and Wisdom of Peace.

I salute you Karmic Mother
Whose Southern fire brings purification.
Your ruby red energy
Illuminates the purpose and destiny of all life.

I salute you Cosmic Mother
Whose ocean of stars oversperads the Western sky.
Your sapphire blue energy
Inspires and guides our journey home to the Source.

I salute you All Mother
Whose doorway is the center of the Centers.
Your crystal clear energy
Allows the fulfillment of perfected dreams.

-Mary & Joseph Jochmans

Vol. IV, Issue 1/ Solitary