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Magickal Herbs

Here are some herbs I got from Scott Cunningham's Book "Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs" This is a small list but there are several good herbs here. Enjoy!! Remember, these herbs must be handled carefully. They are gifts from Mother Earth. You can mix these to form sachets for your hopes and desires. You can burn a collection of herbs as incense. If you do choose to use these herbs in Magick, remember the rule of three. "Anything you send out, comes back at you times three." There must be intent for the herbs to work their own magick. Take your time and trust yourself. The power comes from within! Good Luck and Blessed Be!

***WARNING : some of these herbs are highly toxic. Use caution. I've underlined the poisonous herbs. DO NOT use thses herbs internally unless you want to get really sick and possibly die. Just use common sense and BE CAREFUL !!***

Uses            Herbs

Courage		columbine, ragweed, tea, thyme, yarrow

Divination cherry, dandelion, fig, goldenrod, ground ivy, orange, pomegranate

Employment devil's shoestring, lucky hand, pecan Fertility (increase) banana, carrot, cucumber, daffodil, fig, hawthorn, mustard, nuts,pine, poppy, rice, sunflower

Healing allspice,amaranth, apple, bay, barley, blackberry, cedar, fennel, garlic,ginseng, henna, hops, ivy, myrrh, olive, pine, rose, rue, sandalwood, tobacco, willow

Love apple, avocado, beans,brazil nut, clover, daisy, dill, elm, fig, ginger, jasmine, juniper, lavender, lemon, maple, pea, periwinkle, rasberry,rue, saffron, sugarcane, thyme, tomato, vervain, willow, yarrow

Luck aloe, bamboo, china berry, cotton, fern, holly, moss, oak, poppy, star anise, strawberry, violet

Money alfalfa,allspice, basil, cashew, chamomile, clove, dill, elder, fenugreek, ginger, goldenrod, grape, honeysuckle, mandrake, mint, oats, orange,pachouly, rice, snapdragon, snakeroot, vervain, wheat

Protection(gain) aloe, african violet,bamboo, bay, birch, bittersweet, cactus, caraway, carnation, club moss, cumin, curry, dragon's blood, flax, foxglove, frankincense, gourd, grain, hyacinth, leek, lime, lotus, mint, mulberry, papaya, pine, radish, rosemary, sage, spanish moss, turnip, valerian, wolf's bane

(Special thanks to Scott Cunningham for his wonderful book!)