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Yule/ Winter solstice

Just a little background info to start off with. (taken from "To Ride a Silver Broomstick", by Silver RavenWolf) Yule is the second holiday of the wiccan year. It is a quiet time of the year, but filled with a certain gentle excitment. It is the birth of the sun god. It is also a time when the Holly King (representing the death aspect of the God) is overcome by the Oak King (who embodies the rebirth of the God) This is a solar festival. Fire and the colors red and green are used throughout the holiday.

I wrote this ritual with my family in mind. We are of all different faiths, and they wanted to know what I do for wiccan holidays. Please feel free to use this ritual. Better yet, use it as a guide to create your own. I find that rituals that I have created myself, hold more meaning for me in the long run. Good Luck and Blessed Be!

Type of Ritual: Sabbat- Birth of the Sun God
Date and Time: December 21
Moon Phase and Sign:
Physical Health:

Purpose of Ritual: To celebrate the birth of the Sun God. This is the longest night of the year. The sun/flame/light play an important part in this festival as the days become longer from this point. This is also when the God is born of the Goddess.

Tools and Stuff Required: salt/water/blessing bowl/ sage smudge stick / feather/ lighter/ wand/ bell/goodies for ornament making/ cakes & ale/ chalice/ small cups

Deities: Astarte - goddess of fertility and Pan - God of Nature and the Woods

Approx. Length of Rit: One Hour

Results of Ritual:

Ritual Composition

1. Purify Ritual Space and Self
->sage, lighter, feather

2. Set up alter, tools and room
->light illumination candles/ incense and make holy water

3. Anointing

A. With Holy Water draw spiral of rebirth on foreheads of participants.

B. Cleanse each person with sage stick.

C. Welcome each into the Yule circle saying: "Welcome to the Yule Circle, enter with an open mind and heart."

4. Conjuration of Magickal Circle ->Circle of Stars Stance

A. Raise Power - receptive hand at side, palm open/ down
- dominant hand at front, grasp fist, palm up
- raise energy from earth as raise dom. hand up to the third eye area, then hold/pulsing energies
-let energy shoot straight up toward sky
- lower hand and walk circle deosil, thrice

B. Say Now: " The Cauldron of the Mother
Her mysteries wise and deep
Rise now as I call thee
This sacred space to keep

The mother supports me
The consort defends me
The guardians surround me with a
web of golden stars

Above and below Around and about
I charge this circle In and out
And legions await my word So be it."

5. Calling the Quarters

.A. Say: "Guardians of the _____, element of ____, we ask you
to witness and guard our yule circle. I light this ___candle for____.

East- Air- white- peace and purity
South- Fire- red- courage and energy
West-Water- blue- wisdom, open blocked communications
North- Earth- green- personalgoals, fertility

6. Draw down God/dess

A. Say: "In this night, in this hour, I call upon the
ancient powers of Astarte, Goddess of fertility and Pan, God of nature
and woods, hunter, protector and god of laughter and passion.
Please witness and guard our Yule circle. "

B. Ring Bell to invite the Lord and the Lady into the circle.

7. Workings

A. Create the yule tree ornaments, talk and be merry !!

8. Raise Power

A. Isis Chant : "Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna."

B. Ground Energy into Ornaments and the earth

9. Cakes and Ale

A. Blessing: take wand and say->" As the wand is to the male and
the cup is to the female, and joined, they bring blessedness.
Blessed Be!"

B.Eat and Drink -> Enjoy!!

10. Thank Deities

A. Say:" We thank you Astarte and Pan for witnessing and guarding
our yule celebration tonight. May we walk together in the light
always. Hail and Farewell!! "

11. Thank Quarters

A. Say:" Guardians of the East, South, West and North, we thank you
for witnessing and guarding our yule celebration. May there be
peace between us, now and forever. Hail and Farewell. Blessed Be!!

12. Open Circle

A. Perform Heart to Heart.

B. In a circle of joined hands, each say: "From Heart to Heart, I open
the circle." Then when circle is open, all say: "The Circle is open,
but unbroken, Merry Meet, Merry Part and Merry Meet Again. Blessed Be! "

13. Clean Up

A. Snuff Candles, clean up ornament stuff, etc.

B. Don't forget to leave an offering of the cakes and ale to mother earth, outside.

I would like to thank Silver RavenWolf for her wonderful books, "To Ride a Silver Broomstick" and "To Stir a Magick Cauldron". These books helped me so much during the creation of this ritual. I have used part of her writings in my ritual. Thanks so much!